Selling your Cape Coral Home, What to Expect

Selling your Cape Coral real estate, or any property, for that matter, is a unique experience unlike few others. It is not only a time of great stress, but also of great excitement and anticipation concerning a new home, life, and what this sudden and powerful combination will bring. For these reasons, emotions are running high on all sides and important decisions may be affected as a direct result of stress. Because of this, you want it to be overwith as soon as possible, and preferably without any problems along the way.

This is why the homeowner must be so diligent in the beginning stages, after all, selling one home and purchasing another is one of the biggest financial transactions one can make. Therefore, a certain amount of caution is highly advisable, and to make sure that this caution is based not only on gut-feeling, it is crucial to look at what problems can be expected, and what is likely to be encountered along the way. The best way to do this is to conduct your research with plenty of time to spare, so that nothing is rushed. That way, a large amount of stress can be eliminated.

Don't Speculate

The reason why many homeowners struggle to get the price they expect is very simple: expectations were unrealistic to begin with. This is understandable. After spending some years in a home, many people make the mistake of thinking that just because their home has been personalized to their individual taste, this should be reflected in the selling price. In other words, the home has been loved, and this love should translate to the buyer. This is romantic and idealistic, and also, sadly, the wrong attitude.

Think of it this way: a buyer who is interested in purchasing your home will be looking at it through fresh, objective eyes. He or she will, obviously, have their own designs on your property and what they would like it to evolve into. For this reason they may not see the magic that exists in your mind's eye. After all, they can't see the history of the house and the time you invested making it look fantastic. All they can see is what is right in front of them: a blank canvas which will form the basis of their new life, not yours.

One way to get a realistic idea of what your Cape Coral home is worth is to ask your real estate agent. Here at Sporleder-Ray Realty Group, we have your best interests in mind and will help you to see your home the way a stranger will. We will also help you to price your Cape Coral real estate according to realistic expectations.

Consider Timescale

Always keep an open mind about time-scale when selling your home. Yes, it may look utterly fabulous, and everyone who has ever been inside it may have commented on how nice your Cape Coral waterfront property is, but remember that even the most gorgeous of properties sometimes struggle to sell. And the thing is, even the experts can't always ascertain why. Sometimes it is simply a case of the right place at the wrong time. This is one of the reasons why we stress that you have your home completely ready to sell (with all necessary improvements and renovations finished) before you actually list it.

Be Aware of Additional Costs / Taxes

No matter how many homes you sell, there is always room to be surprised by a variation which is exclusive to the kind of property you currently live in. So, make sure you counsel with an experienced Cape Coral real estate agent first. That way your pricing will be based on correct and up to date information, and you won't lose out on a small fortune that would have been much better spent furnishing your brand-new property.

Don't Skimp on Home Inspections

With so many costs piling up it's easy to think that some of the non-mandatory ones aren't absolutely essential. Don't be fooled: in fact, many of these should be! A fine example of this is the routine home-inspection - a sure-fire way to be 100% positive that your property is up to par. Even if you are sure that it is (and a friend of a friend is an expert and assures this is so) you won't have wasted money. The inspection will almost certainly bring new information to light that will help sell your home faster in today's market.


For more information on selling your Cape Coral Real Estate, waterfront property, golf course home, or inland property contact us at Sporleder-Ray Realty Group today.

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