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When buying or selling  there are several things to consider. If you are interested in waterfront or gulf access home or lot you must consider the water access, if a seawall is in place or needed. City Utilities are another consideration, are they in place, are they paid for, what is the balance if not paid for, who is going to pay? These are all questions that a professional realtor can help you get the answers for.

Sailboat access  waterfront homes: Located on a canal or river front, unrestricted, deepwater access to the river and/or Gulf of Mexico. In a few areas of Cape Coral however, a boat lock may have to be passed to get to the river or Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Access  homes: These are located on a canal or lake with access to the river and/or Gulf of Mexico, these have bridges to go under and a boat lock or boat lift may have to be passed in order to reach the River and/or Gulf of Mexico.

Freshwater canal front and lake front properties: there is no access to the river and/or Gulf of Mexico.

Seawalls: Some vacant lots don't have seawalls. Prior to building a home there must be a seawall in place unless the property is located on a freshwater canal. On a freshwater canal, the bank may be graded and soded or rip rap maybe installed to avoid erosion. The cost thereof is usually lower than the cost of a seawall.

Utilities: The City of Cape Coral is undertaking a program of water and sewer improvements. Some properties may be in an area planned for utilities. As water, sewer and/or dual irrigation water becomes available, property owners will be assessed. Many properties have already been assessed and balances may remain to be paid. The matter of who is to pay-off or assume an existing assessment is negotiable between buyer and seller.

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