Cape Coral Properties.....different types of water access

Cape Coral is often thought of as a paradise and with the natural beauty found in the one hundred square miles that is the city it’s not hard to understand why.  Cape Coral boasts over four hundred miles of beautiful, winding canals, both freshwater and saltwater.  Owning a piece of this waterfront real estate gives you the deed to your own personal piece of paradise.

What Type of Cape Coral Waterway Property is Right for You?

Both saltwater and freshwater canals are equally beautiful, but each will offer different opportunities for enjoyment.  Either way, you get the perk of enjoying your waterfront SW Florida real estate without the busy tourist traffic that comes with beachfront property.  But the activities you enjoy and the lifestyle you lead should be taken into consideration before you make any decisions on any canal property.

Cape Coral Saltwater Waterways

Saltwater canals are ideal for people who enjoy boating and deep sea fishing.  These canals provide access to the gulf and open waters.  Just because a property is located on a saltwater canal, however, doesn’t mean it’s just a quick trip down the stream to the open sea.  The further away from the gulf you are, the longer it will take to get there, and there are strict restrictions on boat speeds and no wake zones.

If your boat of choice happens to be a sailboat, there are other things to consider.  You’ll need to make sure that there aren’t any bridges or other restrictive areas that could impede the passage of your boat.  You also need to make sure that the canal is deep enough to accommodate your boat.  Inspect the canal carefully before you jump at any particular property.

Cape Coral Freshwater Waterways

Rather than providing direct access to the gulf, freshwater canals usually lead to calm lakes.  Occasionally, however, they don’t go much of anywhere at all, so if you intend to take a trip in your boat you need to make sure that the canal you’ve chosen to live on isn’t going to lead you into a marsh.  Again, inspect the canal to make sure it will meet your own personal needs.  Freshwater canals offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy fishing, canoeing, and even swimming and it will all be right at your fingertips when your purchase this SW Florida real estate.

The Sizes of Cape Coral Waterways

Like everything in nature, no two things are alike and this applies to Cape Corals waterways as well.  Widths between banks generally start around 80 feet and some exceed widths of 200.  The width of the canal you are considering purchasing real estate on will have an effect on the price.  Wider canals generally offer better views and are therefore considered more valuable.

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