Your Cape Coral Home is on the Market...Are you Guilty of the Number One Seller Mistake?

Posted by David Sporleder on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 8:14pm.

Your Cape Coral Home is on the Market...Are You Guilty of the Number One Seller Mistake?

Whether you are relocating due to a new career path, or finally investing in the home of your dreams, putting your current Cape Coral property on the market can be an exciting (although sometimes frustrating) experience.

In order to take some of the mystery out of the home selling process, we are about to give you the following "insider" information and the hands down, number one seller mistake that you need to avoid. The following information will help you make critical decisions in the correct timeframe so you can sell your Cape Coral property, and move forward with your new life plans. 

 And the Number One Selling Mistake is?....Not Understanding that Timing is Everything

Unfortunately, many new sellers are painfully unaware of the timing window that takes place when selling a home. The entire home buying process is a very emotionally driven experience, that needs to be handled carefully. From the moment your home is placed on the market the clock starts ticking, and it's all about building trust in the minds of potential buyers. Let's look at a possible scenario as an example.

  • You place your Cape Coral waterfront property on the market on March 1. The home isn't priced correctly so it sits for 3 weeks without an offer.
  • During this time period, you also realize that potential buyers who did take a look at the house complained about the outdated kitchen appliances. Still, you decide to wait it out a few more weeks. During this time period, still no bites.
  • Now it's mid April and you finally decide to replace the outdated kitchen appliances and spruce up the landscaping for some extra curb appeal. But because you've put a bit more money into the property, you decide to keep the asking price where it is.
  • Three more months pass, you've become more than frustrated, and you finally make the decision to lower the price to equal other homes that have recently sold in the neighborhood. Now your home will generate some interest, right? Wrong...things stay the same.

So, what has happened in this scenario? It's a classic mistake of a new home seller. The seller makes the mistake of pricing their home out of the market, thinking they have plenty of time to lower the price later.

Why doesn't this work? Because the potential buyer also has their own set of doubts and possible mistrust of exactly what's going on. Potential buyers who see a house that has sat on the market for months and then drastically reduced in price will naturally wonder why. Red flags will pop up in the mind of the buyer. You may have made a simple pricing mistake, but now the buyers are wondering what's wrong with the house and what is the seller trying to hide?

Like we said, it's an emotional purchase often involving overly skeptical buyers. The number one mistake is not understanding that timing is crucial for a successful home sale. By going over all of the important details, such as proper pricing, updates and improvements with an experienced and qualified real estate agent, you'll be able to put your home on the market with the assurance that it is truly ready to sell.

In the weeks to come we will cover a few more seller mistakes to avoid. For now, make sure you get your Cape Coral home sale right the first time by calling our offices. We will take the time to consult with you and create a plan of action that is tailored to suit your individual goals and needs. Timing is everything, and we are in the timing business!

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