To short sale or not - that is the question

Posted by Mary Ray on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 at 9:13am.

To short sale or not….that is the question!

Just like the Shakespeare saying…to be or not to be people here in Cape Coral are asking themselves to short sale or not.

If you live in Cape Coral and want to sell your home in a short sale transaction, you are probably asking yourself is it really possible for a Cape Coral home short sale to actually close.   What about the things I read about in the news or hear thru the grapevine that the short sale process is time-consuming  and full of headaches and heartaches due to the uncooperative mortgage lenders?  Times have changed with short sales and the process has been streamlined to enable the lenders to work with homeowners to resolve and sell their homes in a timely manner and with less headaches.  The most important thing you can do as a Cape Coral homeowner wanting to short sale their home and this is vital…..Get a qualified and proven Realtor® to help you with your short sale process.  This is not to say go to the Realtor® who says” I do multiple short sales and close many of them.”  You want a Realtor® who will dedicate their time to handle every detail like it was their own home.  That’s the key to a successful short sale - its attention to detail and dedication and most of all caring about the homeowner and the process they are going thru.  Give us a call and let us talk to you about your Cape Coral home short sale.  We have a proven track record of success and we take each short sale and handle it like it was our own home. 

Call us today don’t keep asking the question “To Short Sale or Not”   talk to us and get some peace of mind. 






By David Sporleder | Sporleder-Ray Realty Group || Google+


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