Three Biggest Seller Mistakes

Posted by David Sporleder on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 1:50pm.

Cape Coral Real Estate - Three Biggest Seller Mistakes

So you’ve decided to sell your Cape Coral real estate and you just know with every bone in your body that this is going to be a cinch. After all, you have a prime piece of Cape Coral waterfront property, a perfectly manicured lawn, and a beautiful pool. You take a couple of pictures, straighten up the coffee table, and place an ad on a "for sale by owner" site. The phone will surely start ringing any minute, right? As weeks turn into months without any interest, you may start to wonder if there is more to this real estate selling business than you originally thought.

The quick answer to that thought is yes, there absolutely is more to it! In fact, here are the three most common seller mistakes:

Setting the Wrong Price

If you want to sell your Cape Coral property, you have to set the right price, which is more important than you may initially assume.  Sometimes, sellers tend to place a value according to factors such as how much they have tied up in it, and how much work they have done to the property. While those factors are important, a qualified real estate agent will combine those facts with the current market climate, neighborhood statistics, and other variables to arrive at a realistic and fair selling price.

The reason it's so important to set the proper price from the beginning is the fact that if your property sits on the market for too long, it always raises questions (even fabricated ones) in the mind of the potential buyer. Just as a successful open house can lead to a bidding war, a house that has been on the market for months raises eyebrows.  Setting the price too low can be just as much of a problem. Your intention may be nothing more than to sell the home quickly, but potential buyers may wonder about possible hidden damage or other undisclosed factors that may be driving the price so low.

Setting the right price from the beginning will save you from these types of headaches.  

Failing to Make Necessary Upgrades

When you are selling your home, it may not make sense to you to invest money on repairs or upgrades.  You may be looking at the property through "tainted vision." Often the seller quickly recognizes the high points, such as the pool or landscaping, but is blind to low points, such as mismatched appliances or cracked kitchen tile. However, your agent knows that buyers are going to nitpick every little detail.

A qualified real estate agent will be looking at your property with fresh eyes and will be honest about necessary repairs and upgrades. If you take the advice given, you can end up with a much more attractive bid from a potential buyer.

Lack of Proper Marketing Practices

Even the nicest Cape Coral property set at just the right price will get few offers without some aggressive marketing. This is where your Cape Coral real estate agent can make a world of difference. They can show you the repairs and improvements you should make before listing your home, as well as taking flattering photographs that showcase the property in its best light. In addition to these basic marketing techniques, your realtor should be aggressively marketing online, through social media and a well ranked website.

These are just three of the many points your real estate agent will assist you with. Any one of them can make or break your potential sale.

If you want a Cape Coral Real Estate Agent that knows how to price, market, and make the sale, give us a call to discuss your property. You'll be glad you did!

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