It's Easy Being Green in Southwest Florida

Posted by Mary Ray on Sunday, November 15th, 2009 at 7:47am.

If you're concerned about energy conservation, recycling, pollution, and desire to live in a community that shares your concerns about the environment, you've come to the right place by choosing a home in Cape Coral.

Here's some facts about Southwest Florida's roll in developing a greener tomorrow:

An Eco-Friendly Landscape

Florida Friendly Yards believes that environmental protection begins in your own backyard (literally) and will teach you the smart way to grow with Florida friendly landscaping techniques. Their website features a Florida-friendly plant database, which will teach you about plants that are native to the area which require very little irrigation, fertilizer or maintenance. By including these plants in your landscape you'll be conserving water as well as keeping the earth free from toxic fertilizers.

Non-toxic, Biodegradable Products

Organic farming, pet products, and even cleaning your home has been made easy, with the help of Our Garden Patch, a local North Fort Myers business dedicated to providing non-toxic, biodegradable products that reaches every area of your life. From industrial cleaners to fertilizers, this company is helping to make Lee County a safe, eco-friendly place to live.  

Water Conservation

Cape Coral is a leader in wastewater recycling. The City of Cape Coral has become the benchmark for wastewater recycling. As of 2009, 100% of the city's wastewater has been treated, recycled and reused in a safe and efficient manner. The city has come close to this impressive percentage in the past, but 2009 is the first year that absolutely 100% of its water has been recycled.  

Five years ago, Cape Coral launched a half-billion dollar water and sewage treatment plant expansion which protects nearby waterways and assures the city has a reliable source of water throughout the year. The city has been commended by the State of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection as a model for other communities.

Energy Conservation

A solar powered Florida? Florida Power and Light has had these plans in the works for several years, but made a formal announcement in June of 2008. Three power plants, in South and Central Florida will represent the first commercial scale renewable energy to be installed in the state. These huge steps toward solar technology recently received the seal of approval from President Obama, when he visited Arcadia to commend John Gnecco, director of project development for Florida Power and Light. The steps made toward energy conservation are those that the entire nation intends to follow.

Southwest Florida is not only a beautiful place to put down roots and invest in real estate, it is also the nation's leader in protecting the environment for generations to come. Invest in Lee County Florida--a smart choice.

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