Investing in Cape Coral Waterfront Property: A Common Sense Approach

Posted by Mary Ray on Monday, January 4th, 2010 at 1:05pm.

Cape Coral-- Florida's little Vienna, is stunning in its own right. With hundreds of miles of both fresh water and gulf access canals; waterfront property is still plentiful in this part of Southwest Florida. A friendly, active community with very little crime makes the thought of owning  a Cape Coral waterfront home the ideal investment. Add to this, the fact that Cape Coral is conveniently surrounded by elite Sanibel Island, the beaches of Fort Myers, and the upscale dining and shopping of Naples, and you've really got the whole package in this tropical water wonderland. Winner of numerous 'best place to live' awards, this beautiful boater's paradise continues to sell, especially now that the housing bubble has made many of these properties more affordable than ever.

So, what's the best approach for those wanting to take advantage of Cape Coral waterfront home ownership and investing?  Common sense.

Real Estate will always recover. Over the years, there have been numerous adjustments to the market that have cleared the playing field and brought the prices down for the true investor...and here we are again.

Now that prices have dropped, it's time to take a look at the factors that make a solid investment decision. Factors such as the following:

Climate. It is no big secret that people would rather be a little sweaty while enjoying a seaside Pina Colada, than freeze to death while chipping the ice off of their windshield. Everyone dreams of the tropics, and they always will. Investing in a sunny, tropical area is a smart decision.

Retirement Appeal.  A high percentage of those who purchase property in Southwest Florida are retirees desiring  a pleasant location to spend their days. Due to their age, seniors  are not looking for speedy investment transactions to make financial gains as they have decided to stop working and spend their time involved in recreational activities. Retirees will continue to purchase property in the Cape Coral area because of its many activities attractive to the elderly as well as the climate's therapeutic value.

Waterfront increases the value. Another no-brainer. Cape Coral waterfront property is a boater's and fisherman's dream. Scooping up low-priced waterfront homes while the prices are at rock bottom is smart business.  

Demographics. Cape Coral is a smart city to invest in. With its low crime, prime location, nearby colleges, and healthy, ecologically friendly environment, it will continue to be well preserved for generations to come. This is an important feature when looking at smart investing. Cape Coral's power company has been recognized by President Obama for aggressively pursuing solar energy and has recycled 100% of its water in 2009. The city of Cape Coral has strict ordinances in place that preserve the water, promote a healthy, clean lifestyle, and  protect the natural wildlife.

Other areas that have not regulated pollution or promoted conservation have become dirty, tourist traps. On the other coast there are beaches where automobiles share the same space as the sunbathers. Not in Southwest Florida. 

So What About the Softening Market?

The only type of investors that are affected by this nationwide trend are those with intent on flipping their properties for an immediate profit. Such practices are no longer realistic, but longer term investment, especially in Cape Coral waterfront property, is a viable option as home prices undoubtedly rise again.

The common sense approach to real estate investment is not to treat it like a short-lived fad. Buy low, hold onto your property for a decent amount of time while either living in your investment or using it as rental income, and then make your profit once the market rises again. The only thing you'll have to worry about when investing in Cape Coral waterfront property is the fact that you may never want to give it up, regardless of the rise in the market. It truly is a slice of paradise.

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By David Sporleder | Sporleder-Ray Realty Group || Google+


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