Dignity and a Short Sale

Posted by David Sporleder on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at 10:14am.

Dignity and a Short Sale...Can the two Exist Together? 

If you are facing foreclosure and considering a short sale, there is much more to think about than just numbers, credit repercussions, and finances.

This is your home. The purchase of your home was most likely one of the most emotionally driven decisions you have ever made. Whether it was your first home purchase or your fifth, it still holds many memories, holiday dinners, remodeling projects, and laughter. Even if the home is in distress due to a divorce, it is still the place where you feel comfortable and has a certain amount of security for you.

If you have become friends with your neighbors, as is often the case, you may not want to make the fact that you are in financial danger public knowledge. You may be worried about listing your home as a short sale because of the stigma involved, and even wondering if there will be a "short sale" sign put up in your yard for all to see.

Short Sale with Dignity  

Our team of short sale and real estate experts are interested in more than simply making another Cape Coral property sale. We are well aware of the unfortunate circumstances that many have recently found themselves in and we work with you in a positive way that will give you the confidence you need during this stressful time.

The idea of a short sale has the potential to destroy your dignity and self esteem if not handled correctly. Generally, the decision to let your home go to a short sale is wise since it can relieve you of a huge financial burden, but it is never an easy choice. Months and even years of attempting to catch up on your payments and save your home are usually what lead to a short sale decision.

Once you've made the decision to consider a short sale, you need to list your home with a real estate agent who has your best interests in mind and will help direct you in a positive way. Our team has decades of experience and have handled numerous short sales.

Most recently, we assisted a seller with this decision. Respected, hard working business professionals, they were laid off during the economic turn. Like most others in this situation, they continued to make their payments, draining their savings, hoping that things would turn around. Eventually, they found new employment, but it happened to be out of state. Instead of looking at this entire situation as a failure, our team helped this family to list and sell their home as a short sale. This turned into a positive experience for the family, who will miss the warmth of Florida, but are looking forward to their new start in a new location. It was a win/win situation.

If you are facing foreclosure and considering a short sale, let us help you take a look at each of your options so that you can feel comfortable with your decision. The short sale process does not have to be the end of the road. It can be a new beginning for you and your family. Call our offices today. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.


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