Cape Coral Real Estate 101: Why not to Call the Number on the For Sale Sign

Posted by David Sporleder on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 at 9:08am.

Cape Coral Real Estate 101: Why not to Call the Number on the For Sale Sign

So, you are ready to invest in your own slice of paradise. You've come to visit for your last time now that you're finally done with the sleet and snow. It's time to stop dreaming and invest in your own Cape Coral property. Congratulations! You couldn't have made a better decision.

Now that you're ready to call Cape Coral your permanent home, here's some sound advice that might help your pocketbook. As you're driving around looking for the perfect Cape Coral property to invest in, don't call the number on the for sale sign in the front yard! Yes, you heard me right. That's the mistake that a lot of prospective home buyers make, but you don't have to be next.

Why Shouldn't You Call the Number on the For Sale Sign?

Let's look at this issue with a new perspective. Buying your Cape Coral property isn't the same as buying a car or a new couch. When you purchase a home, there are two real estate agents involved. One, represents the seller and the other represents the buyer. If you go ahead and dial the number on the for sale sign, guess who you are calling? You guessed it; the agent who is representing the seller.

The listing agent, or the phone number that's on the sign, has a contractual obligation to the seller. The listing agent's entire purpose is to negotiate the highest possible price for the Cape Coral home they are showing. Now, if you do call the number on the sign, the listing agent will not turn you away, but it's really not going to benefit you financially to use an agent who isn't 100% on your team. If you were going to court, you wouldn't want to use the same attorney as the other party, would you? You'd want someone who was going up to bat with your best interest in mind. Real estate is the same.

How to Choose Your Real Estate Agent

So, what should you do? As a serious home buyer who is looking to invest in Cape Coral Real Estate, you should contact a real estate agent before you ever start looking at properties. Doing so will save you from looking at properties that might give you more of a headache than they are worth. An experienced real estate agent, who lives, works, and plays right here in Cape Coral will be familiar with all the little things that you may not think of while you are looking at potential properties.

If you are new to Cape Coral, maybe you aren't aware of the fact that some of the homes in Cape Coral are on well water and some have city water either with or without assessments. Eventually, all of Cape Coral will have city water, but you may want to look at homes that already have water assessment fees paid for. That's a smart financial move. If you are using a real estate agent who is only representing you, and not the seller, he or she will tell you the pros as well as the possible cons of a property you are considering. Why? Because a real estate agent that is really on your team is not only interested in the sale they are about to make, but they want to be referred to your family members and friends as a person that can be trusted.

When you choose to work with our office, we will sit down with you and find out what your parameters are. Are you looking for a Cape Coral waterfront home? Do you want to be near the golf course? Do you need to stay in a certain price range or square footage? All these are important issues. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we will go to bat on your behalf. We will negotiate the very best deal for you based on our knowledge of the area and current home prices.

If you start looking at homes on your own, without an agent, it can be very easy to get caught up in the benefits of a property without looking at it from a sound, financial perspective. We want you to be happy with your new Cape Coral property today, and ten years from now.

So, don't just call the number on the sign. Call us first and we will help you find the Cape Coral home of your dreams.


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