Cape Coral Farmers Market in Club Square

Posted by David Sporleder on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 12:14pm.

From A to Z: asparagus to zucchini: authentic to zesty: a Saturday morning alphabet soup. 


fm1_400Visit the Cape Coral Farmers Market in Club Square any Saturday from October 20, 2012 through May 11, 2013 (8am to 1pm). Arrive early for the finest in seasonal and local farmers goodies. Stay a while and enjoy live music & entertainment and be an informed Cape Coral community member.

Concern about the foods we eat, the additives we worry over, the economy we look to grow- it is the Farmers Market that addresses all of our buying power and more. It is long understood that organic fruits, vegetables and meats impact our well being. While the local supermarkets offer a grand assortment as a one stop shop, there are benefits to a trip to the Cape Coral Farmers Market. Dutifully walking the aisles of recycled air in the cavernous supermarket or strolling from fresh to fresh at the Farmers Market, it seems an easy choice.

Since local and organic have proven to be a boon to our health as well as the  economy of the communities that they serve, we invite you to test the waters. If you're new to the fresh market experience why not begin with dairy? Cows who dine on grasses rather than artificially enhanced feed produce better-for-you dairy products. Naturally grown vegetables are richer in vitamin power and prettier to look at and so much fresher than those icy with frost bite from the freezer section of the local grocery store.

fm2_640Perhaps the Cape Coral Farmers Market in Club Square can entice you with freshly baked goods? The aromas of breads wafting around you may be hard to resist. Is it any wonder that scent is part of the pleasures of food? The best foods combine taste with color and aroma and this market is pleasurable for all of the senses.

If Saturday morning is your time for running errands, then the Farmers Market of Cape Coral in Club Square is surely on your way. Should you make this a destination, you will certainly be entertained as you shop for the finest in locally cultivated food for your dining table.

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