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 10 Ways to Turn Off a Homebuyer

So, you're thinking about listing your Cape Coral property and you're scouring the Internet to find ways to increase the value of your home. Of course, you realize that every homebuyer is unique, so you're attempting to cover all your bases. Hold it right there! Yes, stop...Take a deep breath and read the following information. This may come as a huge surprise, but the top 10 things on our list of "homebuyer turn-offs" are pretty simple, yet are among the most overlooked. Maybe it's the "can't see the forest for the trees" mentality, who really knows, but time-and-again the following ten turn-offs have come into play with Cape Coral property sellers. Let's take a look:

Top 10 List of Cape Coral Home Sales Killers

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Cape Coral Waterfront Properties...Hot as the Fourth of July

Have you been thinking about investing in Cape Coral property? Perhaps you are visiting beautiful SW Florida and realize what a slice of paradise our little corner of the world truly is. If fishing, boating, or spending time in the sun is your passion, now is the time to consider investing in Cape Coral waterfront property. Prices and interest rates are low and luxury and pool homes are still available. While you are here, take advantage of the holiday weekend and enjoy southwest Florida’s July 4th celebrations. Don't forget to take time to browse some prime Cape Coral real estate. There is plenty of time for both.

The Main Event: Red, White and Boom!

The spectacular party and fireworks

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Cape Coral Property: Uncovering Unethical Real Estate Practices


The "marketing technique", and I use the term loosely, of bait-and -switch or other unethical, shady practices have been around since the first person ever decided to exchange currency for goods. In the world of Cape Coral real estate, unethical tactics usually take the form of amazing deals that sound "too good to be true." Unfortunately, many a naive home buyer has fallen prey to these schemes, so we're going to break down the mentality behind a few of them today. Ready for the excitement?

Cape Coral Real Estate Tactic #1: The Bidding War

Okay, so we've all heard the term, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is." Do yourself a favor and take that statement to heart. Cape

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Cape Coral Properties Most Sought After by International Buyers

According to the latest Trulia.com statistics, Florida remains the hottest spot for savvy international investors, and Cape Coral properties come in as the number one choice for buyers.

Who's Buying Cape Coral?

According to the Lee County Visitor Bureau, there are a large number of repeat visitors coming to Lee County from Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All together, close to 500,000 international visitors arrived here last year, and this year is expected to be no different. International visitors aren't just here for a family vacation either. Here are the statistics on who's buying Cape Coral:

According to the Florida Association of Realtors early

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Investing in a Fixer-Upper: Is it a Future Dream Home or a Nightmare?

Investing in a Cape Coral property listed as a "fixer upper" has the potential to go one of two pretty obvious ways. Of course, we all envision that steal of a deal, in need of only minor cosmetic repairs, that turns out to be the investment decision of a lifetime. That could happen. Another possible scenario is the home that turns into a series of unexpected disasters that drains your finances and turns into a complete nightmare.

Now, don't get scared off. There certainly are excellent deals to be found for the individual who isn't afraid of rolling up his sleeves, and a fixer-upper has several potential advantages:

  • Less competition for the home
  • Lower sales price

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Cape Coral Real Estate, How to Sell in the Summer Market

If you think summer may not be the ideal time to put your Cape Coral real estate on the market, think again. Over the past several months, home prices and sales have been steadily climbing, and now that foreclosures and short sales have had their run, the interests of buyers has returned to traditional home sales. Last month, traditional home sales were responsible for more than half of the overall homes purchased in the Greater Fort Myers area. With low interest rates and a recovering housing market, smart investors know that now is the time to buy.

That's excellent news for Cape Coral real estate owners who are looking to sell. During the summer months, when all the vacationers have returned

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The Inside Scoop on Purchasing Your Retirement Home After Season

Summer has officially arrived. The Cape Coral locals are waxing their boats, working on their backyard gardens, and relaxing at the beach. Many of the vacationers and snow birds (our loving term for our part time residents) have packed up and returned north now that the ice has finally thawed. What are savvy investors doing right now? I'm glad you asked. This year, the waiting game is over. The combination of low interest rates and a recovering housing market has drawn the attention of individuals wanting to take advantage of this prime opportunity. This summer has all the ingredients of a great real estate deal. Here's why...

Summer Months Can Be the Best Time to Buy

When you are in

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Straight Talk on Purchasing Your Retirement Home: Part 1

Back before the housing crisis began, it wasn't really a question whether investing in retirement property was a good idea or not. Of course it was. Housing prices appreciated at an expected percentage annually, and that's all that had to be taken into consideration. After the stock market plummeted and frenzied investors took their money over to real estate things got shaken up a bit. Well, more than a bit...but we don't need to go into the details of the housing bubble. Most of us are well aware of what has transpired over the past several years.

The real topic or question that many individuals who are planning for their retirement have on their mind today is simply this, "Is purchasing

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