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Your Cape Coral Home is on the Market...Are You Guilty of the Number One Seller Mistake?

Whether you are relocating due to a new career path, or finally investing in the home of your dreams, putting your current Cape Coral property on the market can be an exciting (although sometimes frustrating) experience.

In order to take some of the mystery out of the home selling process, we are about to give you the following "insider" information and the hands down, number one seller mistake that you need to avoid. The following information will help you make critical decisions in the correct timeframe so you can sell your Cape Coral property, and move forward with your new life plans. 

 And the Number One Selling Mistake is?....Not Understanding that

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So, you think you're ready to list your Cape Coral home?

You've made the necessary repairs, provided a fresh coat of paint where needed, and fixed that leaky faucet. But before you put your home up for sale in today's Cape Coral real estate market, here is a final checklist to make sure you are appealing to your target market.

Identify Your Target Market

Assuming you've lived in the home you are selling long enough to meet the neighbors, you've probably got a pretty good idea of what the average homeowner in the area is like. Keeping this information in mind, work with that to define your target market.

Are you near a school or a playground? Is yours a boating community? Is your neighborhood full of young families and small children? Whatever

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In the world of yesterday, real estate professionals were skilled experts that many people chose to utilize but not everyone felt were necessary for their home buying or selling transaction. Today, however, the general attitude toward real estate professionals has seen a drastic shift. When looking to buy or sell Cape Coral real estate, roughly 95 percent of the population feels that having a skilled realtor heading the project isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity.

Changing Times, Changing Markets...Stable Realtors

Today, whether you are looking for Cape Coral homes or trying to sell your Cape Coral waterfront property, a professional real estate agent can make the difference between success and total failure. It isn’t just that real estate

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