December 2010

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Looking towards retirement?  Cape Coral, Florida is a great place to be!  With average highs ranging from 74 to 90 degrees Fahreheit throughout the year, and average lows range from the mid 50's to high 60's, there's no need to worry about cold weather, being snowed in, or stuck in your home.  There's also no need for ice scrapers, a snow blower or boots...unless you just find them fashionable.  What can the warm weather and change of scenery in Cape Coral real estate do for you?

Less Muscular and Arthritic Pain

Cold weather is hard on the bones, joints, and muscles, at any age.  As we grow older, the aches and pains of daily life can become quite troublesome and even debilitating.  Rather than suffering through the bitter cold termperatures of the

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Dignity and a Short Sale...Can the two Exist Together? 

If you are facing foreclosure and considering a short sale, there is much more to think about than just numbers, credit repercussions, and finances.

This is your home. The purchase of your home was most likely one of the most emotionally driven decisions you have ever made. Whether it was your first home purchase or your fifth, it still holds many memories, holiday dinners, remodeling projects, and laughter. Even if the home is in distress due to a divorce, it is still the place where you feel comfortable and has a certain amount of security for you.

If you have become friends with your neighbors, as is often the case, you may not want to make the fact that you are in financial danger public

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