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A HOA, or a homeowners’ association, is an entity made up of a board of homeowners, and sometimes operating in conjunction with a management company. The purpose of the HOA is to create and enforce certain rules for the community and collect the monthly or annual dues involved.

What kind of "rules" may be your next question. The HOA's rules generally involve maintaining a level of consistency, capital improvements, and deciding on certain conveniences for the neighborhood. Ideally, the rules center around the protection of property values.

Why the "dues?" The collected dues are used for the upkeep and maintenance of the common areas. As a general rule, a HOA is not meant to be a profit-making venture.

Is living in a Cape Coral HOA

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Pine Island, Florida, located just a half hour from Fort Myers, is the largest island (17 miles long and 2 miles wide) on Florida's west coast. One visit to Pine Island's secluded and charming atmosphere will cause you to feel that you've stepped onto a beautiful movie set, or back to a simpler time of 'old Florida'. Preserved for generations to come by the current laws which prohibit aggressive development, make this area even more attractive.  


Pine Island consists of Bokeelia, Matlacha, Pine Island Center, Pineland and St. James City.

BOKEELIA: Beautiful Bokeelia is a tropical paradise featuring historic buildings to explore, fishing, and a wide variety of exotic tropical agriculture. Bokeelia is also home to the Four Winds

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