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Have you ever found yourself watching one of those late night infomercials about investing in real estate? The profits sound great. The risk sounds low. They almost all say that you can do it with no money down. Or at least low money down. Using other people’s money. And, you can do it in your spare time. And,they all make it sound like finding the real estate deals is a piece of cake. They make it sound super easy, right? Almost too easy… Of course they do.They want to sell you on buying their training program. They never give you the actual secret to doing it.Just the hope and hype. Here’s the thing — it isn’t as easy as they say. And it isn’t risk-free.

Real estate is an awesome way to invest, and build your wealth. But, before you either buy into

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When it comes to buying real estate, you want to make sure the property you purchase is the right fit for your needs. For some buyers, purchasing a home that needs some work is the ideal situation. For others, getting a turnkey home that’s move-in ready is the only option they’ll consider. And for still others, both seem like reasonable options. The question is: which is for you? There are pros and cons to both fixer uppers and move-in ready homes. The important thing is to recognize which is the best fit for you, your budget, and what you want out of a home.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of fixer uppers and move-in ready homes to help you determine which is the better fit for you: 






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Selling your home is, in a nutshell, a complicated process. There’s a million factors to consider: when to sell, how to sell, and how much to sell for, to start. In order to successfully sell your home, it’s important to avoid the many potential pitfalls along the way that can threaten to bring the selling process crashing down and cost you immeasurable time, money, and hassle.

Here are 4 mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid when selling your home:



When selling your home, It's imperative you price it in a way that's in line with your current market. If you mis-price youf home, no matter what way you look, you're leaving money on the table;if you underprice, you'll sell your home for less than it's worth. If you

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Sometimes people wonder whether offering a bonus to the buyer’s agent will help their home sell faster or for more money.
Good question.Even real estate agents are divided about it. Some say no. Some say yes.

Ultimately, it’s your decision as a homeowner. So here’s a list of pros and cons for you to think about before you make the decision.

The Pros:

Let’s be honest, offering a bonus to the buyer’s agent is meant to incentivize the agent to sell your house. It’s basically playing on the desire of a real estate agent to make more money than they would make selling another house.
Money certainly motivates people. And real estate agents are people…So, ideally, this is what offering a bonus might do for you:

It might get a buyer’s agent to really want to

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If you are a first time home buyer you've got two things on your mind right now. First, you have the dream and the goal of owning your own home. Maybe you're family is about to grow or possibly you are just wanting to break out of the renter's rut. Renting can fit a certain lifestyle for a while, but there comes a day when living in such close quarters just isn't cutting it anymore. Second, you are wondering what you really need to know about making that all important first purchase. Maybe you've never followed the real estate market. Why would you? Now you are searching for answers and feel like you are taking a crash course in home buying 101.

If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. Are there certain things you need to know? Of

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Dogs of all sizes have their own real estate slice of paradise right here in Sunny Cape Coral; The Wagging Tails Dog Park located in Rotary Park is the Doggy Social hot Spot in Cape Coral.

This dog fun spot features two separate areas, one for the small dogs and one for the larger dogs.

Both areas are gated and have large areas for the dogs to run and play with large grassy areas and shade trees, this is a dog’s paradise!

The Wagging tails dog park offers dogs the chance to interact with other dogs if they want to or just run and explore the gated park area to their hearts content!

It’s not just all about the dogs here in the Wagging Tails Dog Park either, it’s also a great place for fellow dog lovers and owners to socialize as well and hang

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With home prices rising in many areas of the country, many people are worried that we’re headed for a housing crash like the one we suffered in 2008. But here’s the thing: it’s just not true. While it’s understandable that people would look at the current market, consider it a “housing bubble,” and assume it’s going to pop, the truth of the matter is the market today couldn’t be any more different than they were before the crash of 2008.

Let’s take a look at four reasons why we’re not headed for another housing crash:

1. Banks have tightened their lending practices

The biggest contributor to the crash of 2008 was risky lending practices. Financial institutions had extremely loose standards in terms of who they’d lend to; they were giving out

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You've received an offer on your home and you're thrilled at the prospect of getting the deal done. But first you need to make it through the next hurdle: the home inspection. In most real estate contracts, a home inspection contingency is in place, allowing the buyer a chance to back out should significant mechanical or structural issues come to light during the inspection.

While you may think your home will pass with flying colors, it's at this stage that many deals fall through. With so much at stake, it makes sense that sellers would want to do as much as they can in advance to get their home in the best possible shape before this top-to-bottom review. By addressing any problems, sellers can assure buyers that the property is in move-in condition

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When homeowners decide to sell, they may find themselves justifying their choice to anyone who'll listen. But, as the old saying goes, "Loose lips sink ships."

In today's world where sharing is the norm, sometimes keeping your rationale for making a move all to yourself is the right move. Though sellers would never intentionally want to harm their chances of securing the best deal possible, by being a little too honest, they can ultimately lose leverage when it comes to negotiating.

The following are 8 things home sellers should never reveal (except to their Realtor).

1. "These taxes are killing me!"

No one enjoys paying property taxes, but watching them spike over time can be a huge turnoff for some homeowners — particularly those who

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Live the golf course community lifestyle without the Golf course community fees with this Fort Myers condo surrounded by a beautiful public golf course with pay as you play or membership options! Enjoy panoramic views of the golf course from almost every room in this fully furnished/Turnkey 2Bed/2Bath condo. Featuring a open concept floor plan with a upgraded chefs kitchen with new cabinets,granite countertops & stainless steel appliances, A large master suite with private sitting area that opens up to the lanai and a beautifully remodeled master bath with upgraded granite countertops and new cabinets. Tile though out is featured in the dining/living area, kitchen and bathrooms.The over-sized lanai is perfect for entertaining or just enjoying the views.

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