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home-inspection_343When pre-owned homes enter the real estate market they are rarely 'move in ready.' As a matter of fact, many of them have quite their own 'lived in flavor' that may or may not be appreciated by potential buyers. That's why it's wise to have a professional home inspection. What's the purpose? A professional home inspection serves as confirmation to potential buyers that all appliances and major systems in your Cape Coral home are in proper working condition. This includes your electrical, plumbing, mechanical, structural integrity, presence of water or storm damage, insulation, Chinese drywall, and more.

Are major items the only things checked during a home inspection? Absolutely not. A proper inspection will reveal everything-- both major and minor. And although minor items are not generally a big deal, the cumulative effect of numerous small items do have the potential to discourage a buyer. So, what's the solution for the seller? Knowing what the inspector will look for and addressing these issues prior to the inspection.

We've provided a checklist of the most common items found in need of repair during a Cape Coral home inspection. By following this checklist, you'll be able to make the necessary repairs before the inspection. Remember, all homes, even newly constructed ones, will show certain problems. Don't take it personally. Just be willing to do what it takes to get your home in tip top condition.

Home Inspection Checklist:


Walls and ceiling surfaces: Holes, cracks or water spots?

Windows: All windows should be able to open, close, and lock.

Windows: Do any have cracked panes or broken seals? Do they need caulking?

Moldings: Are any loose, broken, water damaged, or missing?

Interior Doors: All should open and close smoothly. Sliding doors should lock properly.

Tile Flooring: Are any cracked and in need of replacement?

Insulation: Is your attic insulation the proper thickness and grade?

Insulation: Is the insulation blocking attic vents?

Insects or Vermin: Is there any sign of unwanted guests?



Foundation: Are there cracks in the foundation walls?

Roof: Are any roof shingles missing or storm damage to the roof?

Gutters: Are the gutters and down spouts connected and free from debris?

Paint: Is that really the color of your home or has the sun faded the paint?

Porch / Lanai: How are the screens looking around the lanai? Torn screens need to be replaced. Make sure they are held in place securely. 

Steps: Are the wood or concrete steps in good condition?

Fence: Do the retaining walls or fences need repair or a new paint job?

Driveway: Is the driveway in good condition? If cracked or badly stained, have it resurfaced.

Dock: Cape Coral waterfront property is very desirable to potential buyers. Make the most out of this feature by making sure your dock and canal wall are not in need of repair. If you have a boat lift, be sure it is in working order.



Faucets: Are they sealed well or do the bases leak? Do they shut off completely to prevent water from dripping?

Faucet and Shower head Screens: Here in Florida we have a thing called lime buildup (for those who have wells). Check screens for full water flow. Replace screens if necessary.

Drains: Do sinks drain quickly?

Drain Plugs: Do the drain plugs for tubs and sinks open and close properly?

Water Shut Off Valve: Is there proper access to the main water shut off valve?

Tubs and Showers: How does the caulking look around tubs and showers?

Toilets: Are the toilets secured properly at the floor and at the tank? Do they flush properly?



Receptacles, Switches, and Switch Plates: None should be broken, cracked, loose or dirty.

Electrical Outlets and Switches: All should be operable. Kitchen and bathroom outlets must be GFCI.

Light Bulbs: All bulbs should be working. Replace any that are burned out so the light can shine in.

Fans: Fans are important in SW Florida homes. Do the ceiling fans work properly?

Doorbell: That's something you may not think of. Does your doorbell work?

Main Service Wire: Is the main electrical service wire secured to the exterior of the house?

Smoke Alarms: Are smoke alarms working properly?

Appliances: Are all the appliances included in the home sale in working order?

Most people expect any home to have minor problems here and there. Even newly built homes aren't perfect. It is your Cape Coral home inspector's job to report the overall condition of the house. If there are minor problems, don't panic. That certainly doesn't mean that your Cape waterfront or inland home is not a good deal or that it won't sell, Once you receive your inspection, show it to your real estate agent. Your realtor will help you to decide which problems are high priority and which can wait.

We, at Sporleder-Ray Realty Group will be happy to help you with every step of your home selling adventure. Call us today. We have the answers to your questions.

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