Showing Your Cape Coral Home

Once you've made all the necessary improvements we talked about in "Marketing Your Cape Coral Home," you'll be ready to show your home to prospective buyers.

When showing your Cape Coral home in todays real estate market, you want to engage the potential buyer emotionally. Buying a home is based on a combination of practical information and emotional attachment. The right atmosphere is created by accentuating your home's positive attributes and minimizing or removing any negative aspects. The following tips will ensure that your home is completely ready when your agent calls and tells you, "It's showtime!"

The Perfect Showing:

Create a welcoming and homey atmosphere when showing your home by turning on the lights and opening the window coverings to let natural lighting accentuate the rooms.

Any signs of a pet, such as chew toys or a litter box should be tucked away from the potential buyer's view.

Houseplants or a couple of decorative vases with fresh flowers go a long way when staging your home for the perfect showing. 

The power of a welcoming fragrance. In addition to a spotlessly clean and well lit home, now is the time to invest in a few Yankee Candles. Try homey fragrances, such as vanilla or apple pie.  If you forgot to pick up the candles, the smell of brewing coffee or steeping cinnamon water can work pretty well in a pinch. Freshly baked cookies work wonders too.

While we are talking about the atmosphere, go that extra mile and turn the home stereo on. Soft jazz or classical music will further create the peaceful mood that will help your buyer fall in love with your home.

Be mindful of the temperature. Now is not the time to concern yourself with your utility costs. If it's a typical SW Florida day, set that air conditioner a couple of degrees cooler than normal. Potential buyers want to know that your A/C effectively cools the home.

Last but not least, look scarce. Buyers feel much more comfortable walking through your personal space if you are not around. Take the family for a drive or take the family dog for a nice long walk. Your absence will allow the buyers to speak freely to your agent and help the whole process to move along more smoothly.

Is food appropriate? Yes, especially if you will be absent from the home. Let your agent know that you are leaving bottled water or soft drinks, cookies or other finger snacks on the kitchen counter along with paper plates and napkins. Why? Enjoying a small snack and drink will encourage the buyers to linger just a bit longer, asking your agent specific questions, and discussing their likes and dislikes.

In today's competitive real estate market, it's vital to do everything you can to provide the perfect atmosphere for potential buyers. You take care of the appearance of your home and we, at Sporleder-Ray Realty Group will be happy to take care of your potential buyers. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to team up with you to make the sale of your home a smooth and satisfying experience for all involved. Our decades of experience with Cape Coral real estate, waterfront property, golf course homes, and inland neighborhoods will ensure that you have all of the support and advice you need when taking that all important step of selling your home.

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