Marketing Your Cape Coral Home


Thinking about selling your Cape Coral home? Whether it's a buyer's or a seller's market, there are a certain number of steps you can take that will help bring the best offers to your door.


Surprisingly, most of these tips don't cost much (many are free). They are basic real estate marketing ideas that most seasoned sellers are aware of, but you may not be. Take this marketing information to heart and it could mean the difference between a promising offer and no offer at all. Keep in mind that marketing alone won't sell your home, but it certainly will make the phone ring, and that's the first step to the signed paperwork.


Here is a list of improvements and 'once-overs' that will give your Cape Coral home the marketing edge:




Besides your normal cleaning and dusting routine, take the time to remove dirt and dust from your baseboards and doors.


Remove extra furniture and clutter. You want your home to appear as large and roomy as possible.


Organize your closet space to give the effect of more space.


Repair any leaking faucets.


Use WD40 on squeaky door hinges.


Repair any holes in the wall or chips in the paint. If needed, consider a fresh coat of paint. If you are going to go ahead with a new coat of paint, be sure to use a neutral earth tone.


Yes, they are going to look in the garage. This is not an overflow storage unit. Items should be neatly placed and anything extra should go to a storage unit.


Do you smoke? Do you have a cat or dog? If so, it's very likely that you have become immune to the smell. Once you've performed a thorough cleaning and have freshened your home, invite friends or relatives over for a smell test.



Touch up any cracked or peeling paint on the exterior surface of your home.

Use a pressure washer or hire a service to remove any mildew from the exterior.

Clean debris from the gutters, corners and overhangs.

Have your driveway cleaned from any oil spills or resurfaced if necessary.

Regularly mow your lawn and trim your shrubbery to maintain a neat appearance.


Ready for the Photography:


Often, your real estate agent will photograph your property for you, but there's nothing wrong with setting aside a day for staging and photographing your home yourself. You'll be able to move furniture, set up props and give your home that 'Better Homes and Gardens' look that will bring the traffic to your door.


Photographing the Front View: Remember, buyers are visual. Make that first photo of the front of your home as promising as possible by cropping out sidewalks and streets, removing vehicles from the driveway, and avoiding extreme shadows on the home. Shoot up close and angled shots of archways, landscaping, and your pool area. Be sure your lawn is neatly mowed and all shrubbery has been trimmed.


Photographing the Interior: When taking pictures of the inside, try to take long shot shots that help to show the size of the room. Take the time to vacuum, dust, wash the windows, and move out extra furniture from rooms that are overly cluttered. Use floral arrangements on tables and in the dining room. Taking bathroom shots? Close the lid and remove the trash can first. Also, don't forget to open the blinds and turn the lights on. Do you have beautiful tile or wood flooring? Be sure to include that in the photos.


These tips will help bring potential buyers to your door. The qualified professionals at Sporleder-Ray Realty Group can further assist you in the sale of your home. Contact us today, for professional and friendly service. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Also, For a list of tips for a smooth open house, check out Showing Your Cape Coral Home.

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