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 When you picture yourself retiring--Spending your days as you deserve; what crosses your mind? Certainly your vision turns to thoughts of basking in the sun, lazy afternoons spent fishing, and relaxing on your veranda, enjoying a glass of wine while taking in yet another breathtaking sunset. Isn't that what life is all about? Finally realizing and enjoying your dreams? If this sounds like you, Cape Coral waterfront property can be your dream come true.

I already live here, so at times my vision of the area is skewed. Sometimes, when you live in paradise, you have the tendency to take it for granted. But when the winter reports of ridiculous amounts of snow and a wind chill factor of 30 below zero are brought to my attention, I quickly realize just how good I have it here in Southwest Florida. Recently, we've experienced a bit of a chill. The other day it was 47 degrees at 7 am. Well, it's January and that sometimes happens. Normal Cape Coral, Florida temperatures, according to the Weather Channel are as follows:

January:  Average temperature is 70 degrees

February:  Average temperature is 77 degrees

March:  Average temperature is 80 degrees

April:  Average temperature is 82 degrees

May:  Average temperature is 85 degrees

June:  Average temperature is 86 degrees

July:  Average temperature is 86 degrees

August:  Average temperature is 88 degrees

September: Average temperature is 87 degrees

October:  Average temperature is 84 degrees

November:  Average temperature is 81 degrees

December:  Average temperature is 78 degrees

Sounds like paradise to me...How about you? Besides the beautiful, tropical temperatures, Cape Coral is part of an eco-friendly environment. There is no driving allowed on the neighboring beaches (as there is on the Atlantic Coast) and everything in Cape Coral is geared toward preserving our wildlife for generations to come. Strict ordinances keep individuals from polluting our canals, disturbing our burrowing owls and osprey, as well as littering or keeping property unkempt.

Crime is very low in the Cape, which is generally a concern for individuals who are investing in a home that they will only occupy during certain months.

Truly, Cape Coral, Florida, with its active community lifestyle and miles of waterfront property, is the perfect investment for those considering retirement.

Besides the natural beauty and the superb saltwater and freshwater fishing, there is so much more that makes a Cape Coral home the perfect place to invest for retirement.

Financially, Cape Coral retirement investment is a sound decision. Current prices are low. By taking advantage of this fact and investing now, you will be able to enjoy the lowest prices of the past decade. Even if you are not ready to move here permanently, Cape Coral, Florida is an excellent decision for a winter getaway.

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